Wool Duvets


Wool blankets have been used in our family for generations. Quilted by hand, and filled with wool from our sheep, we use the same pattern that was passed on from our grandmothers who have made wool duvets for as long as they remember.

IMG_1924Wool boasts a wonderful warmth and regulates temperature very well. You can use our duvets summer or winter. They maintain a nice comforting weight yet very breathable at the same time. Wool absorbs a large amount of moisture without ever feeling damp, so even on humid nights you will feel comfortable.

Hypo-allergenic, wool naturally repels dirt, dust, odor, and mold. You can not wash a duvet in the washing machine, but because of wool’s amazing properties, the duvets stay naturally clean on their own. (We suggest using a duvet cover, and hanging them out on a line in the sunshine and fresh air a few times per year to refresh. You can also spot clean or dry clean in a pinch.)

We cover our wool in washed unbleached cotton. Very durable, they will be an investment that will last you for many years.

King size – 5.5 lbs of wool, 104 inches wide by 90 inches long – $400

Queen size – 4.5 lbs of wool, 86 inches wide by 88 inches long – $325

Twin size – 3.5 lbs of wool, 65 inches wide by 86 inches long – $250

GST will be added to all prices. 10% discount all duvets after the first one purchased.

Please contact us to order.

We usually have several duvets in stock. If you need a custom duvet, we can make one for you within several weeks.

Pick up can be arranged on the farm and we also deliver to various areas of southeastern Manitoba.