About Our Sheep

We maintain a flock of about a hundred and thirty registered and commercial Rideau Arcott Sheep. We pay great attention to the health and performance of our flock and have excellent quality breeding stock.
Our sheep have:
  • High lambing average
  • Lots of milk
  • Easy lambing
  • Strong maternal instincts
  • Vigorous lambs
We lamb once a year in late February, with a lambing average of two and a half for mature ewes. Our ewes are expected to be able to feed triplets (unless the lambs are extremely uneven in size, in which case we will pull one off). Our ewe lambs tend to be easy lambers with excellent mothering instincts and plenty of milk right from the start. We expect our ewe lambs to lamb at a year of age and they generally have a lambing average of over two. The health of the flock is very important to us.
  • We are very selective when purchasing new animals
  • Our flock tests negative for Maedi Visna
  • We vaccinate with Glanvac 6 against Caseous, Enterotoxaemia, Tetanus, Black Disease, Malignant Oedema, and Blackleg
  • We have strict culling protocol for poor performance
Link to our registered stock: Canadian Livestock Records Corporation

Guy and Leah Bouchard live on the second generation family farm and are full-time mixed farmers, farming sheep, turkeys and hay. Guy has farmed sheep for over twenty years, and has developed a strong group of excellent breeding stock. He is active on the Manitoba Sheep Association board. Leah uses their wool to create bedding and comforters for sale. They also milk several of their ewes every summer for their family’s’ personal use. They farm along with their three young boys.